1] Editing Main Pages (not homepage and blog posts)

1] login here:
2] Pages->All Pages->select page->Edit
3] edit text, click ‘Update’ button right hand side of page. Done.

Advanced editing

Insert and Upload Images:
Place cursor where the image will go (ie beginning of paragraph, with right align word wrapping this usually looks good)
Click ‘Add Media’ button just above the main content editing area.
Select the image for insertion or upload it if it isn’t there yet.
Media->Add New->Upload Image. Select image->lower right corner is setting for image alignment and display size. After inserting an image you can view alignment and size properties by clicking on the image, a toolbar with alignment or pencil icon for more details.

Insert a link:
Highlight text that will become a link, press the chain link icon in the toolbar, enter url, press blue return button. Done. Don’t forget to click ‘Update’ to save work.

2] Edit Blog Post

The toujours theme uses blogposts to populate the content boxes and the slider. Blog post have different layouts then the standard Pages.

Posts->All Posts->select post to Edit. Edit content and images in the main content box as you would for a regular page.

Edit Blog Images on Homepage: the images displayed with the blog posts on the homepage are the ‘Featured Image’ of a blog post, not the same as an image inserted in the main editing area. While editing a blog post the lower righthand column has a section to edit the ‘Featured Image’.

3] Homepage

Most of the content on the homepage are blog posts. A good overview of the homepage can be found here

Displays blog posts with the tag of ‘slider’, currently there are 3 sample fillers.
Appearance->Customize->Featured Content->Tag name: slider

Regular Page Layout or Latest posts layout (3 boxes)
Appearance->customize->static front page-> ‘your latest posts’ or ‘a static page’

3 Posts Beneath Slider (optional)
That’s the 3 box’s beneath the main slider.
Appearance->customize->theme options->checkbox: ‘display the 3 most recent posts..’.
-1 larger post beneath the 3 posts section, requires a 4th blog post, the newest 3 display above and the 4th oldest displays here. You can change the dates to change the display order.

4] Edit Menu

Appearance->Menus->Menu Structure: edit menu display name of page or add/remove pages to main menu->Save Menu. It may take a few minutes to show up, some caching going on I think.

5] Righthand Column of Main Pages

Appearance->Widgets->Sidebar->select Text widget, theres 2 there now.