Sharing Stories

Since we started our work with the Nutrition Standards in Child Care Project, we spoke with policy makers, public health representatives, child care directors, early childhood educators, and parents of young children.  It soon became evident that we all understood and could relate to the joys and challenges of feeding young children. More than that, when conversations and engagement focused on our hopes and aspirations for our children and how we would like to see them relate to food throughout their life, we all seemed say the same thing: we would like our children to enjoy many different types of food and to feel in control of their own decisions around food and eating.

The vignettes in the Sharing Stories video are some of the stories we heard along the way, and represent to us a reminder that, although we may individually support young children in different ways as they learn to eat, we are all trying to achieve the same thing; to help children grow up with a healthy relationship with food that will last them a lifetime!

What are the messages that stood out for you from watching the Sharing Stories video? Do you agree with these messages? Do you think the messages represent the positive and challenging aspects of feeding young children? Are there other messages that should have been included?
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